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Birthdate:Jan 25
Location:Enskede, Stockholm, Sweden

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apotheosis, artillery, augmented reality, baking, basvrak, bombers, cartography, charles stross, climate change, climatology, combat engineering, conspiracy theories, counterterrorism, coup d'etat, creative destruction, cthulhu, cthulhu mythos, dark ambient, delta green, destructive creation, deterrence, dgml, disaster management, ebm, ekranoplans, eliptony, engineering failures, escalation, eschatological engineering, espionage, extreme weather, extremely low frequencies, fail-deadly, failure analysis, failure modes, fantasy, five tons of anti-flax, flexible response, forms of hands, fractional orbital bombardment system, gabber, geographical information systems, geography, geology, gis, global thermonuclear war, guns, h.p. lovecraft, haarp, hiking, horror, hyenas, illuminati, industrial, industrial accidents, industrial hardcore, industrial infrastructure, industry, infected mushroom, information warfare, infrastructure, intelligence agencies, intelligence amplification, internal security, interstellar strategy, ken macleod, kenneth hite, kladdkaka, lapsang souchong, m2, mapmaking, maschinenfest, military engineering, military history, military technology, military white elephants, natural disasters, network penetration and perversion, nuclear airplanes, nuclear rockets, nuclear war, nuclear warfare, nuclear weapons, ontological warfare, orbital bombardment, paleoclimatology, paleogeography, peaceful nuclear explosions, planetology, posix me harder, powernoise, project plowshare, psychic warfare, psychological warfare, psytrance, psywar, pyroclastic flows, pyroclastic surges, rapture for nerds, reactor accidents, redorer son blason, roleplaying, science fiction, second strike capability, secret history, siegecraft, skiing, slacking, space warfare, squaremeter, steve jackson games, strategic nuclear weapons, strategic planning, strategy, strike from space, submarine warfare, supervolcanoes, suppressed transmissions, tactical nuclear weapons, tanks in the streets, tarmvred, tea, technicals, techno, terrorism, thaumatology, this morn' omina, transhuman space, transhumanism, travelling, uncaring oppression, unscheduled criticality excursions, urban pacification, usenet, vernor vinge, vnv nation, volcanic eruptions, volcanic explosivity index, volcanoes, volcanology, war, warfighting, weapons, weapons of mass destruction, weird science, wing-in-ground effect flight, winterkälte, wmd, world building, worldbuilding
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